‚ÄčAudio Production Services

An Audio Professional You Can Count On

I grew up fascinated by my parent's tape recorder. Countless hours were spent recording myself, my siblings and anything else that made noise. Listening to the playback was something magical.

Playing music with friends led me to a career in audio production when I started recording live performances. This evolved into live sound production, studio recording and audio editing.

In an effort to expand my skill set, I spent years as a legal videographer and then joined a marketing company as a content creator. I've worked on national radio ad campaigns, Podcasts, PPC ads, e-learning content, YouTube channels and eventually ended up as manager of the video production team for a large marketing company.

Fast forward to now and I am here to help you with your audio production needs.

Sound has the power to communicate across languages, tell stories and convey emotion.

Let's create something special together.